Featured Amp: CURE


The CURE is truly a players’ amplifier. Stunning hand-wired tones ranging from blackface sparkle to grinding overdrive with seemingly endless sustain, the CURE is a grab-n-go amp with a small footprint but a massive tonal signature.

Cure Back

Outfitted with Eminence’s exclusive Z12 speaker(as seen in the award-winning Z-LUX), the CURE weighs only 33 lbs. and comes with a variable boost footswitch and effects loop.

Using a paper bobbin Triad output transformer manufactured in the US, the CURE is assembled and wired in Cleveland, OH and warrantied by Dr. Z Amplification when purchased by an authorized Dr. Z dealer. The CURE is reasonably priced at $1399 USD.

CURE: Guitar Player Magazine Editors’ Pick!


Guitar Player reviews the new CURE and chooses it as this month’s Editors’ Pick!

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Dr. Z Official
Kemper Profiler Pack


Dr. Z is offering an official Kemper Profile Pack of 12 of our models for a total of 36 profiles. Profiled by professional studio artist and touring musician, Dave Baker, our Kemper profiles are the only authorized profiles available on the market.


Dr. Z and Dave Baker meticulously profiled 12 amplifiers, including the Z Wreck, EMS, Carmen Ghia and Z-Lux  with professional studio gear including Royer and Shure microphones, Neve and API preamps, and a UA Apollo interface into the latest ProTools software.


Kemper’s revolutionary profiling amplifier has allowed us to capture Dr. Z’s designs like never before. These official profiles offer a wide array of tones, from clean, to lightly driven, to full on overdrive. 12 amps with 36 profiles are available now at the Z-Gear Store.

EMS “Bluesbreaker” Combo

The new EMS is now in a classic JTM-style “Bluesbreaker” 2×12 cabinet. Fitted with two Celestion Greenbacks, count on the ultimate in classic British gain. From “Beano” to “Back In Black,” the EMS covers it via two gain options, a “touch” response switch, and a switchable tube or solid state rectifier.

Dave Baker demos the EMS

In a 2 part demo, Dave Baker runs the EMS through it’s paces. From clean to mean, there’s a lot to explore, so strap in.

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